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Mind The Ad @ Remote Year

In today’s ever-changing business environment, agencies need to compete with the world. And thinking about work in this 24/7 digital age, we need to consider ourselves as citizens of the world, and find where opportunity is the strongest. As an agency constantly taking on new challenges, Mind The Ad is going on a journey to connect different worlds to deliver faster and innovative solutions. Taking part in the exciting project Remote Year, we will be exploring the local markets around the world, taking on fresh perspectives and different approaches to digital, be inspired, and would also like to inspire others to dream, learn, do and become more.

The journey begins on the 1st of June in Prague, and here is the itinerary:

  • Prague, Czech Republic —> June 2015
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia —> July 2015
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia —> August 2015
  • Istanbul, Turkey —> September 2015
  • Penang, Malaysia —> October 2015
  • Koh Phangan, Thailand —> November 2015
  • Hanoi, Vietnam —> December 2015
  • Kyoto, Japan —> January 2016
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina —> February 2016
  • Montevideo, Uruguay —> March 2016
  • Santiago, Chile —> April 2016
  • Lima, Peru —> May 2016

  • We will be telling our stories and keeping you posted on this page. Feel free to contact us at london@mindthead.com for any comments or business opportunities.